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Hisense 20L silver colour grill H20MOWS1HG, with Rotating Heating Plate, Mechanical Timer, Dimensions (W×D×H)|(mm)446 x 332 x 245

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Brand:  Hisense
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High performance

No one will turn down a higher powered microwave. Typically, microwave recipes call for 800 watts of power, but the Hisense microwave offers 700-900 watts of power, which heats food quickly and effectively.

Tailored cooking

This microwave allows you to select different power and time options for full control. Tailored cooking will help you achieve the result you want, like the great chefs.


Tired of always using the microwave to cook? Here’s one more thing: grilling with a grill! With the direct heat emanating from the grill element, it’s very easy to make your favorite dish look crispy on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside.

grill combination

You can choose between three options for grilling. Grill only to prepare a crispy, golden dish or with one of the two combinations of grill and microwave (more microwave and less grill / less microwave and more grill) that allow you to grill a small portion of meat, a pizza too bake, etc. to bake much faster. Combination 1: more microwave and less grill Combination 2: microwave and grill together Combination 3: less microwave and more grill

defrost function

To keep food in perfect conditions after thawing-it is important that the process perform quickly and efficiently. With the defrosting function-the Heat comes to food evenly and simultaneously-no need manually reduce power. The microwave defrost using low intensity heat intervals.

Easy cleaning

Keep a perfect clean. After an intense day of cooking with the Microwave-will definitely appreciate ease of use-cleaning and Safety. Simply clean the device inside and outside and return to Enjoy the cooking experience.

Compact size

Designed for your kitchen. This microwave oven comes in one size compact (20L of volume and 44 -6 cm wide) with an attractive design. It saves space on your worktop and facilitates the preparation of delicious meals for the whole family.

Mechanical control

Intuitive control. Manual control is a very easy and intuitive way to use the microwave using the rotary buttons. Opening is easy.

Handle practical.

A very practical large shooter allows you to easily open the microwave door.


Size (L) 20
Control Type Mechanical
Open Type Push Button
Function Solo
Defrost Yes
Digital clock N/A
Timer 30 mins
Auto cooking menu N/A
Power level 6


Front Silver
Housing Silver
Knob Chroming
Handle/button Silver
Door Glass Mirror
Cavity White


Dimensions (W×D×H)|(mm) 446 x 332 x 245
Packing dimension (mm) 466 x 362 x 268
Gross weight (kg) 10
Net weight (kg) 9,5
Turntable size (mm) 245

Power Supply

Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Microwave power (W) 700
Grill power N/A
Convection power N/A
  • Brand: hisense
  • Product Name - microwave oven family
  • Construction type - free installation
  • Microwave oven type - single microwave
  • Capacity - 20 liters
  • Maximum microwave power - 700 w
  • Power grill-
  • Opening door - handle
  • White-black color
  • Glass front screen material
  • Connection classification - 1100 w
  • Voltage 230 - 240 v
  • Frequency - 50 hz
  • Power cord length - 85 cm
  • Net Weight: 9 -7 kilograms
  • Gross weight: 10 -7 kilograms
  • Food grade microwave oven
  • Main product color: white
  • Product height 245mm
  • Product Width 446mm
  • Product Depth 360mm
  • Cavity height 202mm
  • Cavity width 301mm
  • Cavity depth 311mm
  • Product height packed 268mm
  • Product Width packed 466mm
  • Product Depth packed 389mm
  • Combination type single microwave
  • Type grill - Mechanical control type
  • Number of power levels 6 -00
  • Rotating base if
  • Swivel plate diameter 245mm
  • Painted cavity material
  • Automatic programs not
  • Timer 30 mins
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